Do you do weddings?

Nope. I have some friends I can recommend that would love to help you on your wedding day.

OK, but really, will you shoot my wedding? It’s going to be awesome.

I’m sure it will be glorious, but I’m just not interested, thanks.

What if I invite you, can you just bring your camera and maybe take a few shots?

Sorry, I think I’m busy that day.

Do you take headshots?

I love taking headshots, especially when I’m camping. Oh, you’re talking about promotional headshots for musicians and actors and stuff.  Yeah, I can help you out with that. Tell me you’re interested on my Contact page.

What kind of camera do you have?

I switch between my Leica M2 for film and my 5d or my Sony A7 for digital.

Wait, you still shoot film?

Did I stutter? Oh, of course not. This is typed.  Yes, I still shoot film because it’s fun and looks damn good. Its so easy to just hold the shutter release down on a digital camera and fire off a couple hundred shots.  You can just pick the best one out later, right?  Film forces me to slow down a bit during the process and turns out some beautiful results. Besides, I have some great lenses I like to use that only work on my film camera. Some of my favorite shots are on film.