Photography Examples

When you book with me, the first thing we'll talk about is what you're looking for.

Most people have an idea on how they want to use their photos. Sometimes there's an upcoming event or concert series. Some people want new professional looking headshots for their social media channels, especially LinkedIn. Professional looking images convey a specific message. I want to help craft that message to fit you and your goals.

Individual Headshots - $350

The standard Headshot package is $350 and includes:


Book a Headshots photoshoot

Photos for Website - $1250

This package is perfect for your website redesign or special project. It includes:

We will discuss what you want to get from the photoshoot, and how you plan on using the images so we can make sure to check all the boxes. Examples include various configurations for top banners, hero shots, printed posters and cards and condensed aspect ratios for a variety of uses.

Group Photos - $1250

Great for families, company teams and musical groups. 

Group Headshots -$1600

If you need a bunch of headshots for students, employees, teammates or event attendees, this is perfect. 

Extra Shooting time - $300 / hour

Add extra hours of shooting on to a package above for $300 / hour. First round of editing is always included with shooting time. 

Half Day Rate - $2000

4+ hours of shooting time. With a little wiggle room so we're not watching the clock too closely

Full Day Rate - $4000

8+ hours of shooting time. This is best for events with a degree of uncertainty, where you want to guarantee photo coverage for the whole day. 

Re-edits of photos - $40

Initial post processing and re-touching is included with all my photoshoots. If you want another round of photo editing, I charge $40 per photo after we settle on the details.