Sometimes I cheat.

The more people in a frame, the more faces you have to capture at just the right moment. I'm not always that good, so sometimes I cheat. This is an example where I shot 6-7 frames, and then mashed up the faces in post. But, what makes this shot is the lighting. You can't fake great lighting.

I shot this after a Meravelha concert, music by Hildegard von Bingen

I got lucky on this particular shoot. The lighting here was mainly from some overhead spots on the ceiling. This space is also used as a dance studio a couple of times during the week. Love those dancers. In the next room over, were mirrored wall sections on wheels. My friendly Voice Activated Lightstands (VALs) used one mirrored wall on each side for fill light. That took care of the harsh shadows that were on the singers faces.

Look around you and see what you can find. If you don't have strobes and a softbox, make something up.


Meravelha consort The ladies of Meravelha, for their concert "The Fourth Doctor"
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