Headshots for Organists Timothy Zimmerman

New headshots needed.

Timothy Zimmerman needed some fresh headshots for his European tour.

This October, from the 15th through the 28th, Timothy will be playing his way across the continent. He is concertizing in Dresden, Germany, Vienna, Austria and Angers, France. The French concert will be broadcast live over French National Radio.

He teaches Organ on faculty at Boston College, and is the associate director of Music at St. Ignatius Chapel.

The setup was pretty easy. We had use of the chapel at Boston College. This old building has two organ consoles, so there was more choice than usual at some locations. One near the front in a side chapel, and the other in the choir loft in the back. The choir loft hid some large air handlers. Industrial backdrop didn't really match the rest of the feel of the place, so we used the downstairs console instead.

The side alter at this church was really quite striking. The alter, carved from one solid piece of wood and lit internally, it's a piece of art in itself. Fortunately for me it was right in line with the organ console to be a backdrop. A service held the previous day left an arrangement of day lilies which balanced the frame nicely.

I shot this with my new favorite lens, the new 85mm f/1.8 USM lens. Great for portraits. The short depth of focus and tight frame made great use of the chapel alter backdrop. I went with the 1.8 instead of the L series for several reasons. It's a much lighter lens, the focus is super sharp, fast and quiet. Oh, and it's only 1/6th the price.

Here are a couple of different versions we came away with from the session.

Timothy Zimmerman Headshots-3434

Timothy Zimmerman Headshots-3368

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