Porchfest 2013 - Somerville, Mass.

People piled out onto the streets, and listened for the far off sound of their neighbors. Amps and drum-sets set out on the porch, the bands struck up a tune while the masses ambled to their doors.


porchfest somerville bands
Belting it out for porchfest.

I was walking back from getting breakfast in Union Square, when I heard this commotion. Just a block and a half I closed in on the sound. There, on the front steps was a group wringing out jazz tunes from the summer air. Familiar faces on stage and in the crowd gathered around.


Somerville Bands play porchfest
Jazz musicians all in a row

The street was almost totally blocked for traffic. Hipsters from the nearby area mingled in groups out in the hot sun. Entire families came out to the free concert together. Toddlers danced on wobbly knees in the near-by grass while adults looked on with appropriate beverages in hand. I randomly ran into a friend from work, who knew someone that lived in the house. She showed me the cooler barely hidden behind a fence. A nice selection of summer brews was just the thing for a hot day.

Tapdancers joined them, clacking out rhythms on the painted wood slats. The audience clapped along in time.


tap dancers somerville porchfest Tapping along, two dancers squared off and dueled on the porch

It was a good sized group for this porch. Drums, bass, accordian, sax, and of course the singer. Our porch could never fit a quintet. We could squeeze a sax and bass player, if neither of them tried to turn around. Next time we're going to need a bigger porch.

I was shooting my Leica that day, loaded with Portra 400. Just a 50mm, that's the only lens I needed. You can really see the "Leica effect" in the colors. There's nothing else quite like it. That's great glass, beautiful contrast and no distortion all the way to the edge of the frame.


Know these people? Send me their names! Hair flying all over the stage, er, porch.


Saxophone tearing it up. Have you seen this saxophonist? Because he is awesome.

Is your band playing somewhere cool soon? Back stage. Stage front. Front porch. I've got you covered.
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