Today was the biggest move day.
All our stuff added up to 75 lb packs and 60 lb sleds. We had 5.6 miles to go, single carrying up to 7800 ft camp. This is what I trained for. 
2-Sleep Mike told us he was going to set his alarm for 4, so I woke up at 4am too. That was a mistake. I got out of my tent and sauntered over to the guides tent to see what was going on. They were surprised to see me up. They got up earlier than us to start melting snow and heating water for hot drinks and breakfast. Mike said he would wake us in about an hour, so I went back to bed. 

The rest of us woke up around 5, a more reasonable time. After breakfast we packed our gear up and loaded our sleds. We would move all our stuff in one long epic move day. Everything we needed for the next 21 days was on our back. 
We started hiking down heartbreak hill, so named for how it feels on the way back.  We wore crampons, happy to skip the snow shoes. Good snow conditions made it easier to walk. The range supplied stunning views. Mount Foraker was putting on a show in the early morning light.
Many hours later we arrived at our new campsite at 7800 feet. We dumped our bags, took time for a little self care, then we learned how to build camp. 2-Sleep Mike likes to have a very organized campsite. 
Climbers Tents are all lined up, facing the same way. At the back of the tents go our packs and sleds. Backpacks go on the bottom, with the shoulder and waist straps facing up. We don't want the snow freezing into the part that goes on our backs. On top of the pack goes the sled duffel, and then the sled goes on top upside down to keep the snow off. The whole pile gets clipped to a picket so it doesn't blow away. We line them up in a row at the back of our tents so the campsite looks sharp.
Speaking of sharp, all the sharps pile go in one pile. Crampons are wrapped together, ice axe plunged in between them, clipped to the tether. Trekking poles go handle-side into the snow, so the snow baskets don't freeze and get stuck. Pairs of snowshoes all lined up. We put all these piles tightly together for good reason. If we get 3 feet of snow dumped on us, we want to be able to find everything again. 
The weather was beautiful. Not too warm, mostly clear skies, plenty of sun. A dusting of fresh snow over night. Some clouds moved through the mountains, keeping the views fresh and dramatic. Denali was on full display when we started, but clouded in lower down later that afternoon.
After we made camp, we crawled into our tents and got our afternoon rest. I tried to watch something I downloaded on Disney plus, but it asked me to log in. It worked just fine the previous day in Talkeetna. But the first day away from service and everything I carefully picked out to download was completely useless. I was so pissed off. Instead, I started listening to Trevor Noah's 'Born a Crime.'
This was a hard day. My shoulders hurt but overall I felt strong. I got some leg cramps in the tent during afternoon naptime. It's really hard to stretch comfortably in a tent. It's even worse if you're already in your sleeping bag. I was asleep before 9pm.
Breakfast was toasted croissants with cream cheese.
For dinner we ate cheesy pasta. I had two full bowls.


Denali WB 5-2021-7474

2-Sleep Mike rigged up and ready to walk. 

Denali WB 5-2021-7482

3 tents lined up

Denali WB 5-2021-7488
Early sunlight on a mountain

Denali WB 5-2021-7558
All our team on the move.

Denali WB 5-2021-7517
Sam talking to Mike

Denali WB 5-2021-7489
Rhude Dog fixing his hair

Denali WB 5-2021-7584
Serious Brad

Denali WB 5-2021-7588

Curved tracks showing where we came from down ski hill. 

Denali WB 5-2021-7591
Denali Summit with lenticular cloud cap
Denali WB 5-2021-7556
Teeny-tiny people with Mount Foraker looming in the background.