I woke just after midnight and put on all my warmest layers. Dragging myself out of bed and grabbing my camera I headed out of the tent.

Heavyweight long underwear, thick socks, down booties, neoprene overboots, (no real boots,) puffy pants, thick mitts and heavy parka. It's not warm out there. 

But the view is spectacular. The colors are unlike any sunset I've seen, and it lasts all night. 

The moon was not over Foraker, like I hoped. It was way to the left of Hunter, no where near either peak. I was not about to spend 3-4 hours to wait for the moon to transit the sky. I also wasn't likely to get out of the tent in the middle of the night again if I didn't have to. 

I shot a video panarama of camp. The early morning light bathed Foraker, Twilight blue surrounded Hunter, and the full moon hung over our row of tents. 



Panorama at 12:30am showing the view from 14,000 feet.  

Denali WB 5-2021-8059

Mt Foraker in the twilight.

Denali WB 5-2021-8068

Full moon over our tents. 

Denali WB 5-2021-8064

Full moon, Mt Hunter on the right, and our tents in a line on the left. 

Denali WB 5-2021-8066

Our tents lined up in front of Mt Foraker

Denali WB 5-2021-8060

Alaskan Sunset colors streaming from behind the West Buttress ridge line.