Morning light came early.

I rose to pull the curtain and saw the countryside for the first time. We woke in our room in the farm in the Scottish highlands. At 5:30am, the morning light warmly lit some old red farm equipment. I did not take out my camera then. Instead, I climbed back into bed for another 2 hours. 

Travelogue - May 27, 2014. Read the previous day here for Pictures from Stirling Castle.

We rose and looked around the house in the light. Carol greeted us and showed us around. David, her husband, was away on business. His hobby, taxidermy, decorated their house extensively. Many birds, several foxes, a badger, and lots of antlers covered the walls. They also had an extensive modern painting collection. 

Breakfast was the best we had on this trip. I could leave it there, but I'll expound. She served us a full English breakfast. Our eggs were mixed, one chicken and one duck egg. Both from her farm.  Bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and toast rounded the rest out. I couldn't pass on tasting the yogurt and jam, both of which were excellent. 

We departed after learning a bit more about their family and David's guided stalking trips. 

Next up, we departed for our whisky tasting at Glendronach

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Next up, we departed for our whisky tasting at Glendronach

View these images and more in high res in this flicker collection.

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