Bring these 5 items to your next photo shoot. 

1. Changes of clothes

You should bring something dark, something light, and a few colors. Talk to your photographer ahead of the shoot to see if they have specific requests or ideas.  Make sure what you choose is appropriate, and comfortable. You want to look at ease in your photos. 

It's common for people feel a little unnatural in front of the camera. Clothes that fit and are comfortable go a long way to achieving a natural expression in the photos. Pick something that looks new. The details of the clothes aren't the center of attraction. Your face is. Try to avoid wearing anything too distracting. Keep jewelry to smaller, or minimal pieces.

Bring a few different necklines as well. The neckline of your top frames your face. Your photographer can help pick and choose something which compliments your natural shape. They'll also know what looks better in a flat image. It's not always the same as in real life.  

2. Hairbrush or comb

Unless you're bald like me, you probably want to fix your hair at the last minute before the shoot. You should also bring a few hair ties or clips, depending on the shoot. Some people bring a couple of their favorite products for styling. That's good to have on hand just in case. Remember, these images are going to last a long time, so getting the details right goes a long way.

3. Make-up 

Bring whatever you usually use to get ready in the morning. It's better to use something you're comfortable with, rather than leaving it to chance. Some photographers have back-up supplies in their photo studios. But, if you're on location, or if they come to you to shoot, then you better be packing. 

Make-up for guys? Maybe. I'm not saying you should all rush out and learn to put on eye-liner. But, if you have oilier skin, try a little HD powder. It helps give your face a matte finish. Shiny skin creates little points of over-exposure on the contours of your face. Those white spots distract from where the viewer's natural gaze goes to, your eyes. 

If you're in a rock band, or some other edgy genre of music, then you probably should get used to putting on eye-liner. A little goes a long way to setting the right mood. 

4. Water or other type of drink

What? Am I already out of ideas for this list? No, this one's real. Hear me out. 

If you are dehydrated, the bags under your eyes get more pronounced. That doesn't look good on anyone. In fact, you should really start hydrating the night before. Give it more time to take effect. 

Plus, modeling is hard work. If you're not a natural at this, you'll want something to sip on during the shoot. That'll help you relax, feel refreshed and hopefully avoid a coughing fit. I've seen it before, trust me. It takes a while for the red eyes to recover from that. 

For longer shoots, bring a snack just in case. I always have a bar or two stashed in my bag. 

5. Comfortable shoes

Have you noticed that a lot of these points are about being relaxed? There's a reason for that. So, you probably don't want to wear fancy yet un-comfortable shoes. They might not even be in the shoot anyway. 

Some actresses are famous for asking if their feet will be in the shot. If not, they'll just wear slippers around the set. Makes sense to me.

You may get a special confidence boost from your favorite pair of shoes. That could be more important to you. In that case, ignore this bit. 

Just don't be surprised if I show up to a shoot wearing bunny slippers. 

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